Teletalk Internet Offer 2019 | Teletalk Internet Package with Details

Hi Dear Teletalk user. Do You want to know Teletalk Internet Offer 2019? So here is the latest offer available for Teletalk Internet. Now chose the internet offer from here and active any offers with one click!

Are you looking for Teletalk Internet Offer 2019? So you are coming to the exact place. Because here I am going to share all the Internet Offers of the Teletalk Mobile Operator Company. Every Teletalk user can available the Teletalk Internet Offers.

Teletalk is the one and only official mobile operator company in Bangladesh. It is the only state-owned GSM, 3G, LTE based mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. Teletalk started operating in 2004. Now it has 2.925 million+ subscriber. Day by day subscriber list increasing for their Special Internet Offers.

Teletalk Internet Offer 2019, Teletalk Internet Package 2019

Teletalk Internet Offer 2019

We know that Teletalk Mobile operator is the growing mobile network company in Bangladesh. However, Maximum Teletalk users know that Teletalk always serves interesting Internet Pack Offer. Users can get huge Internet Offer from other Mobile Operator Company. That’s why here I am going to share the Latest collection of Teletalk Internet 2019 Offer. Just stop searching on the Internet or stop browsing on the official website. Because here you can get details list of Teletalk Internet Offer 2019.

  • 2 GB @ Tk.33 (Validity 2 Days)
  • 10 GB @ Tk.249 (Validity 10 Days)
  • 30GB @ Tk.449 (Validity 30 days)

This is the simple summary of Teletalk Internet Packages. Full List waiting for you, just explore the list from below.

Teletalk Internet Package 2019

Teletalk is the leading telecom company in Bangladesh. Teletalk always offering Amazing Facility than other telecom company. low call rate, the Cheap rate of Internet Packages, Special Internet Offers, Free Internet Offer and others. Here are the Internet Package Details.

  • All prepaid & postpaid subscribers will be able to subscribe to the above data packages
  • For day-night pack (D86) subscriber will be able to use 1 GB for 24 hours and the rest 1 GB can be used from 00:00 hrs to 10:00 AM only.
  • In the case of off-peak data pack (D60), data is usable from 12 AM to 6 PM.
  • Unused data will be carried forward if the same data package is availed before the expiration of the existing data pack (bonus data won’t be carried forward).
  • To subscribe any 3G data plan, type “subscription code” in message option and send to 111. For example, to subscribe weekly 1GB 3G Data plan, Type D58 & send to 111.
  • The recharge amount stated in recharge trigger column will automatically activate the corresponding data pack.
  • After the expiration of the availed data package, the pay-per-use policy will be applied. The pay-per-use data rate is 1 KB/0.00102 Tk.
  • To check the usage of volume bundled package write ‘u‘ and send SMS to 111 and to know the balance dial *152#

Teletalk 2 GB Internet Offer

Teletalk offering you 2GB Internet Package with the lowest cost. Maximum users try to searching Teletalk 2 GB Internet offer with many ways like; How to Buy Teletalk 2GB Internet Pack, Teletalk 2GB Internet Offer, Teletalk 2GB 15 Taka, Teletalk Offer 2GB 10 Taka, Teletalk 2GB 20 Taka, How to get Teletalk 2GB Free Internet Pack, Free 2GB Teletalk Internet and many other. But the interesting thing is Teletalk 2GB Internet Pack available with only 33 Taka. Every Teletalk users can buy this internet pack by Dialing Activation Code or Directly Mobile Recharge. If you want to buy 2GB Teletalk Internet Pack so dial *111*33# or Recharge 33 Taka to active the pack directly without any problem. This Internet Pack validity is 2 Days. So if you buy this internet pack today at 10 Am so your validity will expire on Day after tomorrow. If you interested to buy Teletalk Internet Pack, so buy now!!

Teletalk 5 GB Internet Offer

Teletalk also offered 5GB Internet Pack with the lowest cost. Users can enjoy this offer at 151 Taka. This package is really cool for them, who are looking for huge Data with low cost. If you one of them, so buy this pack now! This offer is available for Seven days from the activation date. To start this offer dial *111*151#. Postpaid users can buy this pack by dialing this code or mobile recharge 151 Taka. Prepaid users also buy this pack using P151 shortcode!

Teletalk 10 GB Internet Pack:

If you are looking for 2 GB+ Internet Data, so you can buy this pack only 249 Taka. You can also active this pack by above way. Activation code dialing or mobile recharge. Offer validity 10 Days from the activation day. You can check the Internet Data balance by dialing *152# or Write “U” in the message (Without Quote) box and send to 111. Then you can get the Data Balance.

Teletalk Internet Offer 30 GB Internet

Dear friends, Do you like to Download Videos or Watch Movie online? 5 GB or 10 GB Internet Pack is nothing for you. So you need to huge Internet Data Pack. Do you want to buy 10GB + Internet Pack? So Teletalk helps you to buy Teletalk 30 GB Internet Pack with 30 Days validity. Every user can buy this pack only 449 Taka. This is really Awesome Teletalk Internet Offer. Because if you buy this pack so it will save some money. Per GB will be charged only 14 Taka. This is really Awesome. To active this pack just dial *111*449# or exact recharge 449 Taka. But there is a simple problem. This is you can able to use 1GB per day (Up to 30 days ). To check the Internet Data just dial *152# or Write “U” in the message (Without Quote) box and send to 111.

30 Days Validity Teletalk Internet Offer
  • Teletalk 2 GB:

Price 201 Taka. Dial *111*531# or Recharge 201 Taka, Validity 30 Days (1GB with 30 days validity & 1GB Bonus Data with 7 days Validity)

  • Teletalk 4 GB Internet:

Price 301 Taka. Dial *111*532# or Recharge 301 Taka, Validity 30 Days (2GB with 30 days validity & 2GB Bonus Data with 10 days Validity)

  • 5 GB Teletalk Internet: 

Price 445 Taka *111*550# or Recharge 445 Taka, Validity 30 Days.

  • Teletalk 8 GB Internet: 

Price 391 Taka *111*533# or Recharge 301 Taka, Validity 30 Days (4GB with 30 days validity & 4GB Bonus Data with 15 days Validity)

  • 10 GB Teletalk Internet:

Price 835 Taka *111*551# or Recharge 835 Taka, Validity 30 Days.

  • 15 GB Teletalk Internet: 

Price 1002 Taka *111*551# or Recharge 1002 Taka, Validity 30 Days.

You can get more Teletalk Internet Offer 2019 with 30 Days validity from the following table. I hope you guys will be like this Teletalk Internet Package.

Volume & PriceUSSD ActivationValidityShort CodeRecharge to ActivateComments
2 GB @ Tk.33*111*33#2 DaysP33Tk.33
30 GB @ Tk.449*111*449#30 DaysTk.449Usage-1GB per day (Up to 30 days )
5 GB @ Tk.151*111*151#7 DaysP151Tk.151
10 GB @ Tk. 249*111*249#10 DaysP249Tk.249
45 MB @ Tk.9*111*501#2 DaysD51F51Can’t be activated through recharge
100 MB @ Tk.17*111*502#3 DaysD37F37
250 MB @ Tk.28*111*503#3 DaysD82F82Tk.28
150 MB @ Tk.24*111*512#7 DaysD83F83Tk.24
300 MB @ Tk.39*111*513#10 DaysD52F52Tk.39
2 GB @ Tk.78*111*511#10 DaysD58F58Tk.781GB with 10 days validity & 1GB Bonus Data with 5 days Validity
1 GB @ Tk.112*111*521#15 DaysD19F19Tk.112
2 GB @ Tk.167*111*522#15 DaysD85F85Tk.167
2 GB @ Tk.201*111*531#30 DaysD31F21Tk.2011GB with 30 days validity & 1GB Bonus Data with 7 days Validity
4 GB @ Tk.301*111*532#30 DaysD20F20Tk.3012GB with 30 days validity & 2GB Bonus Data with 10 days Validity
8 GB @ Tk.391*111*533#30 DaysD25F4Tk.3914GB with 30 days validity & 4GB Bonus Data with 15 days Validity
1 GB @ Tk.111*111*530#30 DaysD60F25Tk.111Usage period-12AM to 6PM
(1+1)GB @ Tk.168*111*534#30 DaysD86F86Tk.1681 GB usage period 24 hours/day & another 1 GB can be used from 12AM to 10AM only.
5 GB @ Tk.445*111*550#30 DaysD21F22Tk.445
10 GB @ Tk.835*111*551#30 DaysD22F9Tk.835
15 GB @ Tk.1002*111*552#30 DaysD26F28Tk.1002
25 GB @ Tk.1169*111*553#30 DaysD32F31Tk.1169
40 GB @ Tk.1669*111*554#30 DaysD33F11Tk.1669
60 GB @ Tk.2225*111*555#30 DaysD62F26Tk.2225

In Conclusion:

This is the final words of this post. Here I have shared Teletalk Internet Offer 2019 for the valuable customers of Teletalk who are looking for How to buy Teletalk Internet Packages. I hope everyone will be like this post. If you have any question, so feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you so much for visiting Edu And Result.

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